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The blade on the Wave Plus is made from 420HC, the blade on the Charge from CPM S30V. Both are stainless types of steel, the difference, however, can be found in the hardness and the sharpness retention. According to Leatherman 420HC is a great all-round type of steel.
Every tool on the ultra-useful Charge Plus makes it adventure-worthy. The scissors slice through anything, the wire cutters are made in a durable material and are replaceable, and the knife blade is made in a strong, corrosion-resistant 154CM steel.
2.9 inches. Product Details: Primary blade length: 2.9 inches / 7.37 cm Closed length: 4 inches / 10 cm Weight: 8.89 ounces / 252 grams Included tools: Needlenose Pliers Regular Pliers Premium Replacable Wire Cutters / Hard Wire Cutters Electrical Crimper Wire Stripper S30V Knife and 420HC Serrated Knife Saw Spring-action Scissors ...
Charge+ TTi - Titanium Multi-Tool | Leatherman​​
And yet there are a couple of important differences and details that explain why the Leatherman Charge Plus TTi is more expensive. The materials, included accessories: it makes the Charge the slightly more luxurious version. This doesn't take away from the fact that the Leatherman Wave Plus is a great multi-tool.

Мультитул Leatherman Charge Plus TTI

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